High School (grades 9 and 10)

Confirmation Journey – High School Ministry

The journey toward Confirmation is meant to be experienced through regular religious formation attendance during each of the first three years of high school for teens receiving a public school education.  Each year builds on the previous as together teens experience Jesus’ presence by observing or doing corporal works of mercy, providing service to others in the parish and community, prayer, and learning about their Catholic faith.

High School Ministry
The 9th- and 10th-grade program is a dynamic and engaging program to help teens grow in relationship with Jesus as they also learn their Catholic faith. It provides small groups for teens to ask questions, find answers and begin to discover how to put their faith in action. Our core team of small group leaders helps provide opportunities for the teens to encounter Christ in the sacraments and walk the journey of faith with the teens. The 9th and 10th grade start preparing for confirmation by talking about how to choose a sponsor, looking at the lives of the saints as well as focusing on service projects.

Both the 9th and 10th grade will have retreats as part of the high school program. These retreats are designed to help teens further develop the understandings, attitudes, values, and strength of character they will need as they navigate their teen years. We want to prepare them to make positive, moral, faith-filled decisions now and in the future. 

Please feel free to contact Steph Haizel with any questions.