Flower Memorials



Altar Flower Donations

What happens when you donate money for flowers in our churches?

Money donated for flowers goes toward the Flower Memorial, which is utilized by the Liturgical Environment Committee.  When you donate $20, it goes toward the purchase of flowers AS WELL AS general environmental expenses like green plants, floral arrangements, supplies, banners, fabrics, ribbon, etc. All of these materials work together to beautify both churches and make them even more welcoming. Monthly donations and special Christmas and Easter Flower Memorials will continue to be listed in the bulletin as space allows.

Thank you for your past, current, and future donations to the Liturgical Environment Committee and our Flower Memorial fund that beautifies St. Teresa of Calcutta churches year after year.

Flower Power

It takes funds to decorate AND human resources to keep our churches looking joyful.  Our current decorators are committed to enhancing our worship experience, and they could use some extra help.  If you enjoy creating visual experiences through gardening, landscaping or home design, or would like to become involved in a hands-on ministry at the parish, the Liturgical Environment Committee would welcome your skill and creativity.  If you are interested, please contact Carolyn (966-2634 ) or Carol (844-1748) for more information.

Thank you,
Liturgical Environment Committee

Flower donations for Christmas and Easter may still be made using an offertory envelope that is in regular contribution mailings. Or you may include your donation in the offertory collection using a plain envelope, identifying the purpose of the donation.