Councils & Teams


Councils & Teams Ministry

Within a community there are a variety of gifts and talents. Every gift is needed to carry out the mission of Jesus. Each gift comes from God. Everyone of us is called to follow Jesus. Each of us responds to the call by sharing our gifts for the sake of building up the Church.

The activity of a parish should be centered on continuing the mission and ministry of Jesus. As a community of believers, we continue to do what Jesus did. This mission was entrusted to his apostles and disciples and has been handed on to all believers throughout the centuries. We are a people on a mission and with a mission. All disciples of Jesus have work to do - teaching, sanctifying, serving and unifying. Organizing the mission into Councils and "Teams" (also known as committees) helps to focus on one area and to develop a certain expertise. 

Volunteering to serve on a Council or Team is carrying out God's mission, and it's vital to the health of our parish.

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