Accessibility and Medical Needs

Accessibility Information and Special/Medical Needs

We offer low-gluten hosts (.001 or 37 micrograms) if you have wheat-related allergies or intolerances. These special hosts are available at North Lake and Monches. If you would like to receive a low-gluten host, please position yourself in the priest’s Communion line. Only his Communion plate will hold low-gluten hosts.  When you reach the priest, after bowing, point at the special container or say to the priest “gluten free.” The priest will hold out the communion plate and allow you to take the host yourself. This alleviates concerns about cross contamination.

The St. Teresa of Calcutta church in North Lake is accessible to those who use wheelchairs or walkers, or have other mobility challenges. (Our worship space in Monches is not accessible.) There is a ramp at the north side of the church; the eastern entrance to the church is flat. Many spaces near that particular entrance are reserved for “handicap parking.”

There are spaces near the eastern entrance and at the back of church allowing you and your caregiver to sit together. There is also a ramp that leads to the sanctuary area, should you want to participate in ministry during Mass.

The Parish Center is also accessible from the east, just off the parking lot.

There are wheelchair-accessible bathrooms located at the back of the North Lake church, just off the Gathering Space. 

Hearing Help
There are special headphones available for use which are linked directly to our sound system; they make hearing Mass much easier and enjoyable. The units are kept in the sacristy and can be retrieved from there before any Mass or other church event.