Giving from the Heart

Gratuitousness should be one of the characteristics of the Christian, who aware of having received everything from God, without any merit of his own, learns to give to others freely. Almsgiving helps us to experience giving freely, which leads to freedom from the obsession of possessing, from the fear of losing what we have, from the sadness of one who does not wish to share his wealth with others.  –Pope Francis, 2014

The stewardship of time, talent and treasure is absolutely essential if we are to sustain God's work in our parish. This became very clear in March 2020, when COVID-19 reached us here in North Lake and Monches, Wisconsin. With so many unexpectedly unable to work, there were concerns about decreases in giving. But by God's graces and your generous heart, we have been able to maintain our budget as anticipated. THANK YOU!

But we still have those unexpected expenses to deal with on occasion, and we must be able to count on a certain level of support. That is where WeShare comes in. When you set up an account on the site accessible below, you'll be able to make automatic donations on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. It's easy and secure!


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